Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Very Yeager Weekend

We had a weekend filled with the Yeager's. Saturday afternoon, Travis stayed with Aiden and I went with Linsey, Kenley and Zach's mom to a fundraising event for the Opera House in Galveston. Zach's mom has been a major player in the fundraising committee and every year she goes to this event and invites Linsey and one of her friends along. Linsey invited me last year, but I was sick. This year, the stars aligned and I was able to go!

Basically, a bunch of ladies get together to eat food, drink wine and paint pottery. It was so much fun! We sat at a round table when we got there and let Kenley sleep in her car seat for a bit. First we checked out our pottery options. I chose a trivet (it took me 15 minutes of web searching to figure out that word) and an oblong dish. After we had picked our ceramics, Zach's mom held Kenley (she was so good the whole time!) and we went to get food and drinks.

After everyone arrived and was settled, the painting began! I didn't want to do anything detailed since I am not a seasoned artist. I did basic colors and a little fading. Hopefully it actually fades and doesn't look block-like. I won't know until I get it back after they are fired. I finished well before Linsey and her mother-in-law. After sitting there staring at my work for a few minutes, I wanted to do more. But I didn't want to ruin it. Zach's mom is a seasoned artist and I attempted to copy some of what she was doing. Hopefully it turns out okay!

Father's Day was on Sunday, so I let Travis decide what he wanted to do. He chose to mow the back yard in the morning and then spend a few hours playing Playstation. After Aiden got up from his nap, we drove down to Galveston to meet the Yeager's at the Moody Gardens Rainforest. They had to remodel after Hurricane Ike and we haven't been since they reopened. There is now a catwalk in the canopy of the trees so you can get closer to the birds and various trees. It was really nice, but dang it was hot. 116 degrees, according to the readout display!

Of course, I forgot to bring my camera, so I have to rely on Linsey's photos from that day. She got some great shots!

We were lucky enough to get really close to one of the three sloths that call the pyramid home. I could have touched him. He was that close. I was amazed at how big he was and his hair was super thick. Reminded me of Chewbacca. I wonder if they modeled Chewbacca after a sloth? Hm.

Aiden was afraid when the sloth got close. He moved so slowly and came down to eat a banana. I tried to convince Aiden that the sloth liked bananas as much as he does. Aiden didn't care. He wanted far, far away from that thing.

Linsey also got several great shot of the boys together. In the first one, there are several blue macaws on a branch behind them. Sort of hard to see though.

Every time we came to a bridge, the boys insisted on leaning over to look at the fish in the water. It was nerve racking at times.

Chumming it up with the Day Geckos...

Luke LOVES lizards. LOVES. We have an abundance of a small lizard called an Anole (pronounced ah-nole-ee) in our area and apparently Luke freaks every time he sees one. So much so, that his parents are contemplating buying him one for his birthday. The joke is why don't you just go grab one from your yard? I can't imagine that would be an easy task though. And perhaps those from the store will be more comfortable with people. Ha! Should be interesting.

I can't wait to get my pottery back! I promise to take a photo to share with you, whether they're crap or excellent.

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