Monday, October 25, 2010

Almost 16 Months

Last Thursday, we took Aiden in for his 15-month check up, even though he's almost 16-months. He got pink eye right around the time he was supposed to have his 15-month check up, so the doctor didn't want to do vaccinations at that time. We postponed until he was healthy again. Here are his stats:
  • 2'7" tall
  • 22 lbs, 4.4 oz

I actually didn't catch what percentile he is in. Aiden was so frantic about the whole visit that we forgot to go over that information. The doctor asked if I had any concerns about him and I said the only problem is how he suddenly, about a month ago has had a complete 180 in his attitude. He always used to be a happy, easy going kid. Lately, he has been quick to anger or get frustrated. And once he gets in a bad mood, it never ends. He cries and fusses for the remainder of his waking hours.

It's horrible and I'm concerned. Ironically, as the doctor was giving me tips on how to handle him, Aiden gave her a taste of his wrath. The funny part was that he learned how to throw a tantrum after slowly lowering his head to the ground so he didn't smash it into the tile. He's a careful tantrum thrower.

We have already taken the doctor's tips. We were partially already doing what she recommended, but not fully. I can already tell a difference. I feel SO MUCH BETTER.

Despite Aiden's increased anger recently, he has been coming along nicely. His new favorite words are 'ball' and 'uh-oh'. Everything has turned into 'uh-oh' though. He throws everything on the floor, then 'uh-oh'.

He does most everything we ask of him, although lately he has been fighting us more than not. He gives us hugs and kisses, and he always pats the seat where he wants to be seated.

The cutest thing he picked up in the last week or so, is when he walks up to one of the cats, squats down, sticks his finger out towards that cat and makes a clicking sound with his tongue, like he's calling the animal. He does EXACTLY what I do when I try to show him how to pet the cat. And it WORKS. Aiden doesn't usually move too quickly for them, so they usually let him pet them. It's hilarious. Especially since he really does not need to squat down to reach the cats. I do that because I'm too tall to reach them while I'm standing. Aiden is not more than two and a half feet from the ground. Definitely close enough to pet a cat's back. LOL!

This past weekend was filled with milestones for Aiden. Saturday, I had to go into work. The best way for me to do that, since Travis was working, was to drop Aiden off at Auntie Ayo's for nap time. I set up his travel crib, blanket, Mr. Lion - all the normal bedtime parafanalia - only thing missing was his pacifier. Where's his pacifier? Not in his diaper bag... not next to his car seat... WHERE IS HIS PACIFIER? No. Where. To. Be. Found.

I have nothing to work with. There is no substitute for his Binky, AKA Bink. We can say pacifier all day and he has no idea what we are talking about. Mention Bink and the Crank Monster comes to town.

So, I have no choice, but to leave Aiden for nap time without Bink. Turns out, Robert laid him down for naptime no problem. I figure, why not see if we can keep the ball rolling and just not offer it to him at bedtime. He goes down no problem. Nap time the next day? No problem. And so on. So Bink is out of the picture.

We had already made the decision to remove Aiden's last bottle feed. I didn't want to mess it with during the holiday season, and I am REALLY hoping to start promoting peepee in the potty after the New Year. Last thing I want to deal with is multiple life changes in one month for our toddler, so removing the bottle ASAP seems like a good decision.

I decided to do this during the weekend so I would have more time to deal with the unpleasant side effects of weaning. Saturday morning was pretty funny. I handed Aiden his sippy cup, filled with milk. He instantly denied it. I set it on the floor in front of him and the chair he was sitting in. He got out of his chair, crying, and sat on the floor. He "noticed" the sippy cup and drank from it. It seemed to soothe him. Until he realize it was not his bottle, which is when he threw it and started crying again. Then he noticed it again and took a drink. This went on until the cup was emptied.

Sunday morning went by without a hitch. It was like he knew what it was and he wanted it. No problem. Amazing. I hope this continues...


Sara's Satire said...

WOW...those are some big changes! He seems to be coping really well though, which is awesome. It's funny that the weekend yall were here I never thought he was cranky at all! He was just so sweet. I get told that too though....I think its because as parents we get so acccustomed to their what we KNOW is cranky - doesn't seem so to other people.
I can't believe you guys are going to start the potty training already! It's good though...we introduced it with Logan at about 20 months...just letting him see it, get used to it...he would even sit on the little potty fully dressed and we woul talk about it - well I talked he just sat there. Then one day he said he needed to go pee pee, so I took off his diaper and we started to work on it at about 2. It was a VERY MESSY time tough - and as you know, pooping in the potty has still not been conquered...We have been trying but he just sits there screaming and crying and telling me that it hurts....I have no idea what to do, so I just keep trying! A friend of mine told me to put a bowl of candy in the bathroom and let him eat while he sits on the toilet...I dont really like that Idea, but I may try a bowl of grapes....the kid loves grapes - plus maybe it will help move things along...I dunno!
This parenting stuff is hard...and trying to constantly come up with new ideas makes me tired! LOL

Nikki said...

We will only be introducing him to the concept of using the potty in January, not going gung ho. He will be 18 months by that time. I've decided to skip the little potty and just get one of those little toilet seats that goes inside the big one. I just want to start warming him up to the idea. You never know, maybe I'll get lucky like we did with Bink and he'll take right to it! Or not. But we won't know unless we try!

I totally know what you mean about trying to come up with new ideas. Sometimes I just wish I could go home, watch a movie and go to bed. No muss, no fuss. Eh, I guess I can do that when the kid(s) get older, right? LOL!

Sara's Satire said...

Nikki, that is perfect! Just get him used to the idea first...and using the seat that fits in the potty was a good move - but I am going to advise you to get a stool to put in front of the potty as well. Logan couldn't stand to have his feet dangling off he looked as if he were terrified and I am sure he felt off balance. Just a suggestion!
It's funny because I wake up and think - I love my job - and then by noon, I am thinking...I wish I had a job OUTSIDE the house! LOL I love my kids but they can be a little much on somedays! I can't wait until they are both in school...of course at that point - I HAVE to get a job and then I will wish I could stay home! LOL

Nikki said...

We already have a stool, so we are set there! I love spending time with Aiden, but I don't think my sanity would survive if I were a stay at home mom. Although, it would be nice to not have to work a full time job!