Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In Summary

Friday night: Oktoberfest with Ariel for her birthday, then we headed to Squeeze for appetizers.

Travis, Aaron with Aiden and Phillip (Travis' co-workers)

The birthday girl and Bo

Saturday night: Got to see Kai's new house and have dinner (fajitas!).

Chris and Travis with Aiden

Alexa and the kids hanging out in the living room

Sunday afternoon: Ariel's birthday BBQ at their house, then they all went to their softball game.

Monday night: Pumpkin carving at our house.

Aiden liked the pumpkin guts!

Except he kept trying to eat it...

Our pumpkin, the mummy (carving courtesy of Travis)


Alexa said...

I love that pumpkin!!! Such a great job!

You took aiden to squeeze? Lol...all I can think of is the part in sweet home Alabama where Reece says 'you have a baby...in a bar!' LOL

Nikki said...

That's the exact phrase that was going through my mind the entire time. I was so uncomfortable. We were supposed to go to the Spot, but I went to the bathroom before we sat down and by the time I got back, everyone was seated outside at Squeeze. SO EMBARASSING.

Sara's Satire said...

Haha...I wouldn't worry about it too much. Yes, I would have been uncomfortable too....but you were sitting outside. I have never been there, but from what I hear, it isn't like a "real" bar atmosphere...more like a hangout. Eh...its not like you were giving him alcohol! LOL...Oh Alexa, how funny...I love that part in the movie! Ha
I love the pumkin!!! Ya'll always do so well!