Monday, October 11, 2010

The Ward House of Sick

Friday afternoon, Travis sent me a text complaining that it felt like someone had punched him right in the eye and it was bloodshot. Oh and he's crazy light sensitive in that eye. I stated the obvious, considering our son fought pink eye a week and a half earlier. He said, "No, it's not pink eye. I've had that before and this is not it."

"Ok, well, why don't you go to Urgent Care right after work?"

A reluctant, "Oookkaaayyy." That guy NEVER wants to go to the doctor. UGH.

Travis calls after his appointment and says, "You'll never guess what it is."

"Pink eye."


He then proceeds to tell me that there is a two hour wait for his prescription to be filled, so he was going to go buy some stuff from Home Depot, then go back for the antibiotics. He finally pulls into the driveway at 8:30 pm. His eye is GROSS, you guys. Seriously gross. I have since dubbed it his zombie eye, because that's exactly what it looks like. Just his left eye, mind you. I need to remember to take a photo tonight because it's crazy. You can see all the blood vessels in the whites of his eye and his iris is clouded over and yellowish. Yucko City.

Travis headed straight to bed after his shower in the dark because he cannot stand any light whatsoever. He had to drive home at 8 at night with his sunglasses on because the headlights threatened to split his head apart.

Saturday night, Aiden enjoyed playing with the dancing ghost my dad sent for Halloween last year. It never ceases to amaze me how much Aiden is growing up. He is able to go up and push that button as often as he wants. And he dances every time. This was him last year with this same ghost. (Feel free to peruse the other Halloween videos - oh how he's grown!)

Saturday morning, I already had plans to help Rachel move. Since I was unsure if Travis would be around to help because he might have to work, I had already arranged for Robert to watch Aiden. I dropped him off, then headed over to Rachel's. It took two trucks, four cars, two trips and four hours. I was bruised and tired, but felt good about getting in the only workout I've had in years. HA.
I ran home, took a shower, then headed off to the Ramby's to visit wee Skylar. Again, I forgot my dang camera. My cell phone takes pretty good photos, but not good enough for my liking! The little boys played in the sand box all evening while the adults chatted and ate dinner on the back porch. Alexa's parents were both still in town. It's always so nice to see them!

After dinner, Aiden and Blair took a bath to get rid of the sand that had found a home who knows where. That was really nice because the idea of putting Aiden in his carseat like that made me cringe. Plus! Now we have ammo for when they are misbehaving teenagers. ;)

Blair gave Skylar a good night kiss. So sweet!

Sunday was my turn to feel like crap. Aiden had been cranky all weekend because he was teething, so he was handful. And since Travis fell too crummy Saturday to work on the house, he decided to do it Sunday. The result is a totally trashed house. I did nothing to stop Aiden from getting into everything and I never made him put up his toys. There is stuff everywhere. Plus, Travis thought there was no need to put a tarp up to block the doorways to the rest of the house before he started to work. That means there is now drywall dust covering the entire house.

I told Travis that we needed the tarps. He said there was no need, there would be barely any dust to get around. Whatever. I told him he had to clean the dust up then. HA. We'll see if he actually does that, because it is definitely coating all the flat surfaces of our home.

So, the work he's doing... Travis and I have wanted to close off the door from the kitchen to the office since we bought the house. That way we can market it as a three-bedroom, instead of a two-bedroom. We had hoped to sell the house this spring, but our real estate agent urged us to wait at least a year, since the market had not improved enough for us to make a profit. So, we have a few things we'd like to do before next spring, closing this doorway is one of them.

To keep Aiden out of the work zone, we spent the afternoon in the backyard.

Aiden has recently mastered his ability to back up and sit down without having to look at what he's doing. He used to crawl onto a chair, then flip over onto his butt to sit. Now he just backs it up like a pro. And he is all over this sitting business. He sits on anything he can find that is the right height. The step into the garage for example.

When Travis had a moment to break before dinner, he came outside for a bit. We got out the sidewalk chalk and the boys drew a few pictures. I remained in my seat, since the process of standing took every last drop of energy I had.

There's still a lot left to be done for that doorway, but the construction portion of the work is complete. Travis closed off the doorway and now the guest bedroom seems so much smaller. There is more wall space to arrange the furniture along, but the room itself appears less spacey. I cannot tell much of a difference on the kitchen side though. The only irritation I have right now is remembering that I can no longer walk through the house that way.

Travis temporarily set in the cabinets so we could discuss layout and that made the space seem much smaller. It's for the better though. I don't have nearly enough cabinet space, and all that extra room in the kitchen only meant more hot bodies taking up space while I cook.

I'm not sure how I feel about the cabinets just yet. Without paying a fortune for custom cabinets and counters, it was impossible to match the original countertop and cabinets. We also cannot afford to replace the existing counters to match at this point. The new cabinets will not be permanent though, so the next owners can easily remove the cabinetry if they see fit.

I hope we're making the right choice!

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