Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Aeros on Ice

A group of friends from my work got together and bought tickets to a Houston Aeros amateur hockey game this weekend. Houston doesn't have a NHL team, which is interesting. We got excellent tickets through Groupon.com for $11 per person that covered a ticket into the game, a parking pass and an on-ice photo. We weren't sure what that meant, but in the end, we didn't get the photo. Groupon.com is pretty cool. You just enter your zip code and it will pull up great coupons available in your area.

There were three sets of parents in our group (we were one of them). We all arranged for a sitter and caravan'd up together in the Yeager's SUV. We met with the rest of the group to collect our tickets. Travis went to some college hockey games when we lived in Illinois, but I'm pretty sure it was a first for the rest of us.

Zach and Linsey

I tried to take a photo of the Aeros goalie and these got in the way...

Nadya and Alexey

Fight, fight, fight, fight!!!

There weren't as many fights as I thought there would be. That guy leaning over on the right got the brunt of the hits in this particular fight. He only spit a little blood, but that was all the blood I saw the entire game.

There is an intermission game they play with the crowd where everyone gets to attempt to throw pucks into a helmet in the center of the ice. Each puck has a number on it so they know who made the shot. I think they said you can win $500 if you make it. We didn't play, but it was pretty interesting to have hundreds of pucks flying over your head. Speaking of, only one puck ever left the ice during the game and it was on the opposite side of the stadium. Phew!

We were back in Galveston to pick Aiden up from Sue's by 8pm. We had to drop him off at 11 in the morning because we had to leave for Houston during his nap time. That way, he slept at Sue's and woke up to spend the afternoon and evening with her. They always have so much fun together. We are lucky to have Sue!

Dropping Aiden off in the morning meant we had a few hours to kill before the game. We went for lunch, just the two of us. Then we stopped by Target for milk and a shelf for the kitchen. When we got back, I walked in the door and felt confused. I am so used to having to utilize every minute with a toddler, that I didn't know what to do with myself! All this free time! What to do?! We found a couple things to do around the house before Nadya and Alexey showed up. I m insanely used to constantly caring for Aiden that it felt strange. There was no toddler to pull out of the car at each stop and then chase around the house. Huh.

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Sara's Satire said...

I remember going through the same thing...hell I still go through it. Sometimes I will go to the grocery store and leave the kids with JR, and it totally freaks me out. I am not used to being anywhere without them.