Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Weekend Full of Family

New Year's Day was laid back for us. Travis cleaned up the garage and put together the wagon we got Aiden for Christmas. Gpa got him the canopy to help keep the summer sun out of his face.

Pierre wanted to go for a ride.

Pierre didn't like Aiden much so we had to be careful of him in the wagon with Aiden. But they were both too focused on not falling over to annoy one another.

Travis did a few odds and ends around the house. You know, all things that are good for hernias...

Speaking of hernias, Travis got a letter in the mail with a consulatation scheduled with the surgeon on the 20th. Unfortunately, he's going to have to go north for that. We usually see doctors in Galveston so we don't have to miss as much work. Apparently, there are no hernia surgeons on the island. No word yet on where the surgery will actually take place.

"Push me?"

That night, Bill and Joyce treated us to dinner at Pappasito's. It's funny because the only times I've been there are with David and Stephanie. It is their favorite Mexican restaurant in the area, so they always want to go when they are in town. Alex had actually been there before. He went with my dad, Ariel and Robert the night I was in labor with Aiden. It's right down the road from the hospital. They brought back their leftovers for Travis, who so graciously ate in the cafeteria so I wouldn't have to smell the grilled goodness while I was fasting. Thankfully, there was no fasting on New Year's Day for me!

On Sunday, Travis' dad just happened to be driving a load into Houston (he's a truck driver). Travis and his family drove up and brought him back to our house for the day. Curt brought Aiden a late Christmas present.

Whhheeerrree's Aiden?!

Four generations of Ward's:

Grandma Joyce, Curt and his two sons, Travis and Sean, and grandson Aiden.

We snacked all day on the food we didn't eat on New Year's Eve. Then they all went to Travis, Ariel and Robert's softball game that evening. I stayed home, put Aiden to bed and enjoyed a few quiet moments on my last day off from work.

We had quite the full house for a while there. Bill and Joyce stayed in our room, Sean slept on the floor in there on a futon mattress, my mom slept on the guest bed, Travis and I slept on the air mattress in the living room and Alex even stayed on New Year's Eve! Like I said, FULL HOUSE.

I really enjoy being able to visit with family, but we have something new to factor in now: Aiden. He was sooooo cranky by this weekend. He was clingy, clingy, CLINGY. I have already noticed a change in his demeanor. He was deleriously happy last night after Travis picked him up from daycare. So much so, that my dad even commented on it. It makes me a little sad that Travis' family didn't get a good idea of what Aiden is normally like. In general, he tends to show a preference for hanging out with the guys. I already have to deal with women being upset because Aiden shunned them for a guy. Add extra people living in our home and he expanded his shunning to everyone but Mom. Sheesh.


Sara's Satire said...

maybe it was because it was the beginning of the holiday...but he didn't shun me....I got to hug him and flirt with him! I love that baby boy!

Issaquah Chiropractic said...

Awesome read. Great that you have a happy family. Wish you all the best.