Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Flailing Tube Men

My dad ended up getting home at 10am yesterday. He said the final count was 91 wrecks. He said that at one point, a truck was attempting to pull another truck out of the ditch, perpendicular to the road. That wouldn't be a big issue, except his chain was hidden in the snow. It wasn't until my dad was close enough to see the chain that he swerved out of the way. Close call! The storm he drove through all Sunday night hit his house on Saturday night, so now he's dealing with the snow again!

Sunday morning I let Travis sleep in a little bit and got up with Aiden. We ate breakfast and then when Travis got up we played with his blocks.

I finally got dressed for the day and headed out to go grocery shopping. When I got back, Travis was just laying Aiden down for his nap. I ate lunch and then got to work on a Cheesy Tortilla Lasagna that we brought over to the Ramby's house that night for dinner. It's actually a vegetarian casserole, but I added hamburger meat that I cooked in taco seasoning since I was feeding the guys too.

Aiden woke up just as the casserole was coming out of the oven. We fed him his snack, then got on the road to the Ramby's. They just bought a game for the Wii called Just Dance. It's the sort of game that makes white people flail like idiots so the other white people can laugh at them. I say white people, because chances are that most other races have a better beat than the white folk. ;)

That game made us all very winded. I was quite impressed with Alexa's mom's ability to move. The only person with a better score was Travis and I have absolutely no idea how that is possible. Diana actually looked cute when she danced. Travis looked more like a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man.

If you'd like to see some photos, check out Alexa's blog. She got some funny ones.

We watched a little TV, ate dinner and just hung out. It was nice to see those guys again. It's been almost a month! That means that Skylar has practically doubled in size since I saw her last. Alexa always tells me that she has a problem with frequent spit-up. I can't imagine what she'd look like if she actually kept everything down. That girl has the most thigh rolls I've seen in a baby since Wednesday was little. LOL! I feel a little bad for her though because it's almost impossible to hold her without pinching her chub. Gah, seriously.


Alexa said...

All I can do when I picture Travis dancing is smile. Did I get that on video? I can't remember, but will be checking as soon as I get home cause it is toooo funny. Our husband's are such good sports!!

Skylar, my chub chub....love her!

Sara's Satire said...

I love chunky babies...I have still not met Skylar:( I liked the pictures of you guys dancing....it looks like you had fun...lol
I like the picture of Travis and Skylar...maybe you guys will have a little girl in the future!!!!

Nikki said...

If there was a vote for or against chunky babies, my vote would be For!!

T├╝pbebek said...

Thanks a lot!!!!
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