Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas with Mom

For the first week here, my dad stayed at our house and my mom stayed at Ariel's. We celebrated Christmas Eve at Ariel's with my mom. Robert made a seafood dip for us to munch on while we enjoyed the nice weather. We played a few games of bags. I almost started to sweat when I was sitting in the sun!

Alex is in his first year of college, which means he is currently between semesters. Last year at this time he had to write a paper over Christmas break. This year, he gets more time off and he doesn't have any homework. Wahoo!

Aiden got a little Toy Story couch from Auntie Ariel and Uncle Robert and he LOVES IT. He reads books on it and watches TV on it. It folds out into a little bed that he lays out all his books on.

The host and hostess:

Alex and Mom:

My hairy husband...

Aiden got a crap load of Elmo stuff for Christmas. The house is COVERED in Elmo dolls (Tickle Me Elmo and Potty Elmo, which cracks me up) and books and even a remote. Now that I'm thinking about it, a photo of him with all his Elmo gear would be pretty funny...

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