Monday, January 31, 2011

The Wrath of Aiden

Eh, I'm so not in the mood to write right now. Aiden has been just plain mean for the 15 hours. He keeps getting into stuff he's not supposed to, that he KNOWS he's not supposed to, and then when I tell him 'no' he doesn't stop. So I squat down on his level so he's look at me and tell him 'no'. Then he reaches out and squeezes whatever he can get a hold of - my cheek, my arm, my neck, you name it. So, in timeout he goes. He understands the concept now, which is great. I asked the teachers at his daycare how they do it and I've been trying to reenact that. It has really helped. Until last night, that is. A couple times, I've had to sit with him because he keeps trying to crawl away. I tell him he has to sit down and I set him back down where he was. Then he hits me.


He's not old enough for this yet, right? (I'm gonna have to read this book.) I'm hoping it goes away after a day back a school. Maybe he just needed to get away from me? Please let that be it.

I don't know how mothers in the north deal with being inside for months during the winter. I sort of have an idea because that's what summers are like here. But then again, we can usually swing heading out for a couple hours in the morning and that is better than not at all. It rained all day yesterday, so we decided to run to Walmart for Playdoh. That was the only time we got out of the house. Aiden usually gets cranky when we don't get out at all during the day. I think he thrives on sunlight and fresh air, like I do.

Today it is so heavy with fog outside, that I had to drive with my wipers on. I'm irritated that I wasted time curling my hair this morning. It wasn't foggy at home, so there is no way I could have planned for this.

Tomorrow it's supposed to be semi-warm during the morning, then rain like crazy. In the afternoon it's supposed to get to almost freezing temperatures. Wednesday calls for heavy winds. It's gonna be a GREAT week. I can feel it. At least I don't have to deal with the winter storm that's about to hit the midwest. That's worse, right?


Alexa said...

Ah, don't worry Nikki, it is the terrible two's! Blair really got that way at EXACTLY the same age as Aiden. This morning our son decided to have a super melt down for no particular reason. He just whined away for about an hour. He was ping ponging all over the hallway upstairs. At one point we would shut the door to our room, he would stop, open the door then whine again. Chris and I just started laughing, we couldn't help it. If you can't laugh it off every once in a while, you'd go nuts! LOL!!!

Great dinner the other night, thanks for having us. Can't wait to see ya again Saturday!

Sara's Satire said...

Just be consistant with him. It is probably just a phase but try to take deep breaths and remember that it will get better!