Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Home Improvement

Travis and I received a monetary gift in the mail from family and decided to use it to decorate the house a bit. I ordered kitchen cabinet knobs on the internet, but those haven't arrived yet. i have been wanting to get some sort of art to hang over the love seat in the living room. I don't have as much art in the house as I would like. Most of what hangs throughout are photos of family and friends. I was ready to mix it up a bit. I heard that you can get decent, inexpensive art from Garden Ridge (think cross between Hobby Lobby and Pier 1), so I decided to check it out.

That place is HUGE. I have never been before, but I would love to go back with more money to spend. I didn't have nearly enough time to peruse the goods. I had Aiden with me, which meant I only had enough time to go in for what I needed and got out. I found a fun metal piece that reminds me of a brick wall.

Each rectangle of metal is curved so that it looks like waves from the side. Here is a close up of the texture.

I saw a really cute idea on Etsy a while back. An artist had painted with watercolors on a dictionary page. I went to the Salvation Army and found an old, large dictionary for a dollar. Since I am not that great with paint, I opted for printing off photos from the web. I have made several for my mom, Ariel and Alex. Each one is printed on a page from the dictionary that is special to them. For our art, I printed on the page that defines the word 'family'. =)
Here's a quick "before" of our new, empty kitchen wall.

I framed the dictionary page in a simple black frame. Then we found these shelf cubes on sale at Target to match the frame.

I like new stuff.

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Sara's Satire said...

very cute!!! Love all the new art!