Thursday, January 13, 2011


I read this article on Dooce's blog and thought it was an interesting comparison between "Western mothers" and "Chinese mothers". The result of raising your child as the Chinese do is amazing, but I just don't have the hardness in me to do it myself. I am, however, interested in this one thought that weaves throughout the article:

"...Western parents are extremely anxious about their children's self-esteem. They worry about how their children will feel if they fail at something... [Chinese parents] assume strength, not fragility..."

I think I may take on this concept in my parenting. Why not assume your child is capable of succeeding? Sounds like that mantra: If you think it, it will happen. I just might give it a try!

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Sara's Satire said...

In theory it sounds pretty good....but a little encouragement and praise go a long way as well!