Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Aiden's Current Obsession: Trains

Sunday afternoon, we took a break from the wall to go see the Galveston Railroad Museum. They closed down after the hurricane to make repairs and only opened back up a few months ago. My dad went a couple times before the hurricane and he really wanted to take Aiden because of his current obsession with trains. I would really like to go back for the Harborside Train ride. They have this mini-version of a train that can drive on the road. It was in the 4th of July parade we saw last weekend. Aiden would LOVE it. I would also like to go back when we have more time. We only spent an hour there, but there was so much more to look at!

Inside the terminal, there are a bunch of life-size statues of people. They are all white, which gives a ghostly aura to the giant room.

Then there are the trains...

Aiden ran frantically from train to train. He was so excited he wanted to see all of them at once! We would be standing in one train and he would stick his head out the window and point to another train he wanted to go see. I'm not sure if he grasped the concept that we were actually INSIDE the trains he so badly wanted to see. Either way, he loved it. He seemed more interested in the steam engines than the passenger cars.

They have trains from many eras, so there is a lot to see. Some of them are like monstrous pieces of metal art and others would be at home in a Steven King movie.

"Allllll aboard!!!"

This crane car was built somewhere around 1914 if I recall correctly. I can't imagine living in a time when it was normal to work on a train like this. There are so many places to get injured that it gives me hives thinking about people being anywhere near these machines while they are running. I suppose thats the worrywort mom coming out in me.

This car was really cool. There were cloth seats below and giant pull-down half-circle beds above. It was probably a luxury in it's day.

This next one smelled like rotton green olives and belonged in a Steven King movie.


Sara's Satire said...

Wow, I want to go fact I have been in that building over a dozen times, but I have never actually gone through the museum part of it! That looks really really cool!

Brenda said...

'Smelled like rotten green olives and belongs in Steven King movie. ...LOL!

The pics at the top are classic!