Thursday, July 28, 2011


Here's the wall as of yesterday:

The white wall on the left is painted with primer. The gray wall on the right has been primed and covered with stucco. I'm bummed that we can't paint the stucco for a month, but we'll survive. There's lots to do still besides paint the wall.

This is going to be repetitive for my Facebook friends, but here you go anyway...

The car dealer we've been working with was not at the dealership last night. Without him, they accepted part of our counter-offer. They said we could take home the car we would like to buy if our dealer accepts the other portion of our counter-offer. Travis is going to call him today to see what he thinks. If all is well, then he's going to go ahead with buying it tonight.

2011 Mazda CX-7
Pearl exterior, black and tan interior

No turbo engine means less pick up at acceleration, but much better gas mileage (20/28 mpg!)

It looks like our total payments (between the car note and insurance) will be an extra $20/month. BUT. We only have to put $500 down (instead of $700 for four new tires on the Murano) and we should pay off enough in 3 years to get a new car IF we want to. I love this car so much more than the 2008 Black Cherry version. I love that there is no way it has been in any car accidents. I love that everything is new and fully functional - no stains, no smells, no scratches, no dents. Oh and it has tinted windows and a nicer sound system. Both were items Travis was going to request in the 2008.

I've got my fingers crossed for tonight. That said, I won't cry myself to sleep if we don't get it. Although I have a good feeling we'll get it for what we want. Ugh, I hate buying a new car!!

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