Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yeager Farm

Saturday afternoon, I hobbled over to the Yeager's house, along with my husband and son. Luke turned 2 on Friday, so they had a party to celebrate. Linsey went all out this year and arranged for a petting zoo to be set up in her backyard, along with a pony for rides. Aiden was not interested one bit in riding the horse. He did enjoy going in to see the animals in the petting zoo though. He especially enjoyed harassing the animals as they were carted off in their cages. We had to tell him more than once NOT to bang on those poor animals cages. UGH.

After food and fun, we headed into the AC for presents! The Ramby's were there:

Our friend Katie even came to take photos of the entire event with her new professional lens:

Alexey, Nadya and Kate came to see the fun as well:

All the kids watched on as Luke opened his loot. You can just barely see Luke in the middle of all the gifts. The girl standing to the left is Katie's daughter.

After seeing some of Luke's gifts, I want to head back to the store to get Aiden a couple of items. But then again, I don't want to spoil the kid TOO much. I mean, we barely have room to store the toys he already has!

We stuck around for a few minutes to help pick up some trash, but then we had to get to the dealership. I love getting a new car. I do not love talking with car dealers. I think I would have preferred to stay the rest of the night at the Yeager's!

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