Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Birthday Luau

For Aiden's birthday we decided to have a luau with a little Toy Story sprinkled in. We pulled out all the water toys that we had for the party last year. The only difference is last year, the water toys were dominated by the older kids. This year, we only invited Aiden's friends that are close to his age so the playtime would be more even.

Chris made this trike wash water toy that I mentioned earlier - you can see it at the end of the slip and slide with Blair running through it.

I think it was a big hit. All the kids kept running through it. Aiden doesn't really like the sprinkler because it's too much water in his face all at once. This trike wash (which turned into a kid wash) was a happy medium. (Pictured above: Aiden, Blair, Kate and Logan in the pool.)

Alexey and Nadya (Kate's parents) came for the festivities.

Travis set up the canopy so it would be more comfortable for our guests, especially the babies. It's amazing how much cooler it is if you're in the shade. My dad got in that morning after driving through most of the night, so he was in a bit of a daze. Ariel was only able to come for a couple hours before she had to leave for work.

Skylar was such a sweet little girl. She just sat on her blanket and played with her toys. Do you see her tiny little flip-flops? Teehee!


Travis, Zach and Chris

I wanted to buy some sort of fun cup for the luau drink of the night (hard lemonade), but the only thing I could find was a pink margarita cup. So I would like you to note the pink cup resting on Chris' left shoulder. I think some of the guys got in touch with their feminine side.

Luau baby Kenley
She slept through most of the party, but I think that worked out for Mom and Dad!

We had Hawaiian chicken and veggie skewers, rice, lil smokies, raw veggies, fruit, and chips with a Mediterranean dip. I need to remember to make that dip again. It was like an exotic salsa.

Aiden got some really great gifts this year. Well, he got some really great gifts last year as well, but this time he enjoyed it much more. I think his favorite by far is the train track. Kate got him an add-on set to the one we got him. He plays with it EVERY day.

That night, Sara, Logan and Landry stayed the night at our house. After the kids went to bed, we sat outside and talked for hours. It was nice to have some child-free chat time. Although I think I'm still hurting from staying up until 1:30 am, then having to get up with Aiden at 7 the next morning. I had to go into work for an hour as well, so I wasn't able to dawdle at all. It's okay though - it was worth it!


Sara's Satire said...

Oh man, it was great to be kid free for a little while but I am still recovering as well! I guess its a good thing we dont do it every night!

Alexa said...

It was so fun! Thanks for having us!!