Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lazy Time

I've been feeling a little drained from this whole flip-flop job situation, so I haven't been up for much. As of today, my salary is covered through August. Whenever September comes around, the highest bidder wins as far as I'm concerned. I really prefer to be in control of my life and this whole not-knowing-who-or-where-I'll-be-working-next-month thing is taking it's toll. Looks like it'll be another month of not knowing.

Due to my lack of enthusiasm at the moment, I spent a lot of time watching movies this weekend. Sunday, we left Aiden with the sitter and met Ariel and Robert for dinner at Chili's. After dinner we saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. I'm a huge Potter fan, so of course I recommend it.

Throughout the rest of the weekend, I watched movies when I had time. Those films include: Eat Pray Love, Prince of Persia and Did You Hear About The Morgans? I was not disappointed with a single one of them. So I guess I recommend them as well!

I watched a portion of the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie with Aiden on Monday. He really liked it. I'm hoping this will be our segue into potty training. We have a pirates potty book and corresponding stickers. It would be nice if we could find some way to get him excited about this whole using the potty thing. He's such a stubborn kid. I have a feeling he will fight it all the way to the end. I still haven't pulled the potty back out of the closet, but he has finally started showing some of the signs that he's ready. SOME. He knows when he's got a poopy diaper. Sometimes he'll get me a clean diaper, the wipes and the baby powder. He doesn't claim to be very aware of peeing though.

Maybe I'll pull the potty out again in a couple weeks. We can decorate it with stickers and make a big deal out of it.


Sara's Satire said...

I wish I could give you some sage advice for getting him excited about the whold potty business...unfortunately I have no idea. Logan just used his as a chair for a while, and then it just sort of happened. I have put Landry's potty's een up since we came down for Aiden's birthday...I should probably get it out again soon...but, I am just too lazy right now! LOL

Nikki said...

Ugh, potty trainnnnnnnniiiiiiinnnnnnngggggggg...

Alexa said...

I really wouldn't stress about it. For our experience with Blair, we got him trained to go on the potty early (between 18-24 months), but then decided we wouldn't force it until he was used to having a little sister and I am glad we did because you could really tell he was ready closer to Christmas time of last year. He was 2.5 going on three at the time and he just was not ready when he was 2. I would keep watching for signs and not worry about it too much. Stress won't help it. Trust me on that one. Even then it took about three months until he really didn't wear a diaper at all anymore. Don't even get me started on the pooping...ugh, that was forEVER. But now that he is trained and has been for some time, I can see looking back that you really have to wait until they are ready, otherwise, nothing but a battle. He'll do wonderful once he is ready :).