Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Son

I am entirely too busy these days to write a proper post for my freshly TWO year old son. We have spent all of our free time in the past week preparing for guests coming to stay with us and Aiden's birthday party. I wanted to bake cupcakes for Aiden to take to daycare, but didn't have time. I bought some mini 4th of July cupcakes instead. They will be eating those for snack time this afternoon.

Tonight we are having a family celebration, just Travis, Aiden and I. I plan to make Roundsteak Spaghetti, a family recipe. After dinner we are going to have more cupcakes. I bought a pack of six, so we each had one last night. Note to self: DO NOT feed Aiden a cupcake 30 minutes before bed. It's amazing how much sugar actually affects him. When I say cupcake, I really mean icing. He ate all the green icing off his cupcake, handed me the cake portion and said, "More?" as he pointed to the container holding the other three.

Saturday is his party with friends. I am getting really excited now. Chris made a Trike Wash to continue with the water party theme. I will take pictures so I can show you what I mean by that.

My dad won't get in town until Saturday. He's driving through the night, so I hope he gets in early enough to take a nap before the party. We have SOOOO much to do before tomorrow. One of those things is buy hot dog buns because CALLAWAY ate an entire bag last night. I'm starting to get a little overwhelmed!

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