Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Photos

I forgot to post the photos from when we went to get the Christmas tree.  We also bought Aiden a mini tree to keep in his room.  He pulled it out and carried it around as Dad was lugging the full size version.

Helping secure the tree

He was able to turn one screw in all the way!

Setting up the trees
For our Christmas cards, we went to the neighboring town and took photos along the railroad that lines the main road.  I think due to the drought, a lot of the trees are changing colors at the same time.  Usually they all change at different times, meaning we never have a true fall.  It currently feels like fall in Illinois, even though we're one week from the first day of winter.

I used a tripod to take the photos containing all three (four?) of us.  It was tricky.  I'm pregnant, it was muddy, it was windy, Aiden does NOT smile on cue.  Here are those results - see for yourself!

Creating the Christmas cards helped us think long and hard about what we want to name our impending little one.  We've had a running list for months, but only a couple names remained on the list.  Our final choice?

Colin Curtis

Curtis is after Travis' dad.  (Aiden's middle name is Gregory, after my dad.)  We chose the name because we like it.  But after further inspection we found out the following:
  • Colin is short for Nicholas in England.  My name is a female version of Nicholas.  So both our names mean 'victor', as in 'victorious person'.  My grandpa's name is Victor. 
  • The name Colin was ranked #111 in America according to a Baby Center in 2010.
I loved the name Aiden and there is no way I would have changed it.  Even if I had known in advance that it would be the Top Boys Name for 6 years in a row, beginning in 2005.

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Sara's Satire said...

Love the pictures...they are amazing. Love the name Colin...can't wait to meet to little man. Love you all...Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!