Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Parties, Part I

Fabulous weekend.  The end.

No not really the end, silly!  I like to talk!  Or type.  So here's the rest.

We made plans to go to two Christmas parties this weekend.  The one on Saturday was a child-friendly party.  They have an entire room dedicated to toys, so of course the kids took over that room.  We arrived before most of the group did, so here's a photo of the room before chaos struck:

Left to right: Blair, Matthew, Juliet, Aiden and Skylar
I have started to notice that Aiden does really well with kids of all ages.  He seems to adjust his play level to his playmate's needs.  If he's looking at a baby, his voice gets soft and higher pitched and he gets down on their level to check them out.  But if it's an older boy that he has to run to keep up with, he pumps up the volume and the energy.  The one thing he's not good at, all around, is sharing.  He has the toddler mentality.  The rules: everything is his.  Doesn't matter who is taking it from him, he will get upset.  I found myself explaining to Aiden several times that night, babies are too little to know better.  I showed him how to give the little ones a toy to distract them from what he's playing with.  I'm not sure if that's the right way to go about it, but both parties seemed okay with it. 

Here is an example of Aiden learning to share a house with Skylar:

Everyone brought some food.  It was all awesome.  I ate horribly this weekend.  I need to reel that in a little bit because my goal this pregnancy is to NOT gain 41 pounds.  I don't know if that will be possible, but I'm going to give it a try.  Honestly, I didn't have much trouble losing the weight last time.  Well, the last 5-10 pounds didn't come off until after I quit breastfeeding, but I will keep that in the back of my head this time.  I just want to remain as healthy as possible.  I do have to say one of the annoying parts of being gigantic, was my inability to use stairs.  It would be nice if I didn't have an asthma attack every time I need to go up a few stairs.

ANYHOO.  In addition to the food we all brought, we also brought a gift for the kids' gift exchange.  I was so excited about this part.  Chrissy (pictured below) numbered the gifts, then each child drew a number that corresponded to the gift they would receive.  She obveriously has a magic brain because she knew EVERY child's birth date.  She let the kids draw starting with the youngest and going up from there.

Aiden had a rough time understanding that he didn't get to choose which present he got to open.  He wanted one that belonged to another child, so we had a minor breakdown at that moment.  But as soon as I got him back to our spot on the carpet and he got to open the present, he was better.  He got a variety of card games aimed at kids 3 and up.  He's almost to three and I've thought about buying him some card games, so I think it worked out wonderfully.


Aiden LOVES puzzles.  There is a card game in the set called Matching.  I haven't read how you are actually supposed to play the game, but I shuffle the deck and hand it to Aiden.  Then he finds the three-card sets and puts them together.  It's a little like a puzzle, only a little more difficult.  He seems to enjoy it.  If anything, he just likes shuffling through the cards and looking at them.  I taught him how to pick up a bunch of cards at once and straighten them, so he really likes doing that now.  He gets a little frustrated when it comes to fitting the cards back in the box, but we're working on that.

After all the kids opened their gifts, they walked around and played with each other's presents.  It was so cute.  There was a really neat underwater puzzle set that required the use of a magnetic fishing pole to take the pieces out of the board.  Might be getting that for our little man...


Sara's Satire said...

The Matching game: I think you turn all the cards face down, then you have to turn over two and try to find the matiching pairs...actually - that may be memory! Hmmm.

I bought Landry a few card games The Letter Game, Matching, and something else...but they are wrapped right now or I would tell you how it goes. I also bought her a few puzzles. She was really interested in them when we were at Aiden's birthday back in July. JR isn't happy with me because I specifically asked him about both of these purchases and he said no, because they will just end up all over the house...oh well! LOL

The kids gift exchange seems like a really cool idea. Maybe I can try something like that next year.

I think eating healthy during the holiday season is RIDICULOUS...LOL. No, seriously, I dont think there is anything wrong with splurging a little every once in a while. Can't wait to see you next photo...can you believe you are almost half-way there???

Nikki said...

Ya that's Memory, because he got that one too. LOL! I'll probably read the directions soon. He's having too much fun this way right now to mess with it. It's kind of like Toddler Solitaire. Ha!

Aiden is definitely in the age of small toys. He has a ton of cars and action figures that get everywhere. I bought a tin he puts them all in when I tell him to clean up at the end of the night. I also try to get him to keep all the cards in one spot. And he's not allowed to leave puzzles without cleaning them up. I would go nuts if all those small pieces were everywhere. I'd never clean because it would be too hard. I barely do it enough as it is. ;)

I've decided to do monthly photos this time, so the next one isn't for another 3 weeks! But that will be half way and no I can't believe it. This pregnancy has gone entirely too fast!