Thursday, November 10, 2011

Daddy Blogger

Some people my find this blog offensive.  I find it hilarious.  It's a daddy blogger who has a new baby.  He writes about the problems he has to deal with as a parent, but he's a bit vulgar at times. 


Sara's Satire said...

I find this blog hilarious. I really dont find it offensive because I know - or at least I hope - that he adores his little girl more than life itself. Being a new parent is hard, and honestly it's kind of funny!

Nikki said...

Ya that's what I was thinking. It's like the blog in my list on the right called Dooce. She talks some crap sometimes, but you know she loves her kids. It's just part of being a writer.

Alexa said...

SO FREAKIN FUNNY!!!!! This reminds me of Rob for some reason. I think it's so funny! YOu can tell he loves her, its just his way of dealing with new parenthood issues that we all tackle.