Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Trick or Treat!

I was looking through some Halloween magazines this year and came across some fun ideas for party snacks.  I found this particular one online and really liked it.  It was cute and easy:

I decided to stop fighting Aiden into his pirate costume and went for something a little easier.  We used his regular cowboy outfit.  Of course he wouldn't wear the leather vest, wool chaps and gun holster.  Typical.  On a side note, I am fairly certain Aiden was the only child on the streets with a toy gun.  Many parents are anti-toy-gun these days, plus there's the off chance that a police officer will think your child is threatening them with a real gun and therefore shoot the child.  I used to play with this very same cap gun when I was little.  Not only do I have NO interest in guns these days, but I do not want to be a criminal.  Oh and I survived not ever being shot by a police officer and have grown into an adult!  Amazing.

Skylar the Birdie and Blair the Dinosaur

Ready to go trick or treating!

Travis gave Aiden a crash course on trick or treating with the Ramby's bowl of candy.

The dads stayed behind to give out candy for the first round of trick or treating.  After we got back, we traded jobs.

Aiden went trick or treating for the very first time last year at this door.  This year it was the first door we knocked on as well.

Aiden got TONS of candy.  We been trying to ration it out here and there to avoid a full-on sugar rush.  We've been lucky so far!  It probably helps that I've been eating the chocolate.  Aiden did really good with Trick or Treating this year.  I think he understood the concept fairly well after a couple houses.  Occasionally he would give his candy to the person who answered the door.  And sometimes he would tell people "You're welcome!" in addition to "Thank you!"  Overall I think he did well though.  It gets more and more fun every year.

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