Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Festival and a Museum

Only two weeks behind on photos.  That's not too bad for a working mom who had family in town for seven of those days, right?

I'll start with forever ago.  So long ago that I can't even remember the date.  Somewhere mid-October, Aiden and I went with the Yeager's to Luke's daycare's fall festival.  They had plenty of stuff for children big and small.  Unfortunately, Aiden wasn't up for participating in the majority of the activities.  Luke was right at home at his daycare though.  

The first thing Aiden decided to partake in was the pumpkin decorating.  They had various sticker faces you could choose from and then apply to a pumpkin.  Aiden chose the Frankenstein face.  I gave him the piece and told him what it was, then let him put it where he thought it should go.  Amazingly, it looked like a face at the end.

After the pumpkins, we went over to ride the pony.  Aiden refused the pony ride and opted for the pirate themed playscape that the pony walked a path around.  Luke, however, thoroughly enjoyed the pony ride.

After meandering through several other stations, we decided to cool off with snow cones.  I let Aiden pick which color he wanted and of course he went with blue.  Purple would have been less staining, but what are you gonna do?

Before the festival, when I was getting what I needed from the car, Aiden stared out into the empty field next to the road and said, "Mommy look!  A dinosaur!"  He proceeded to see two more dinosaurs on our walk to the festival.  When we walked back out to the car afterward, he stood at the side of the field asking where the dinosaurs went.  I have NO idea what he saw.  Sometimes I wish I could see things through his eyes.

Move forward to not as forever ago: a couple weekends ago at the Houston Children's Museum for Landry's birthday party.  The birthday girl's favorite spot was the funky magnets!

Big brother Logan went as his new favorite character, Mario!  And Aiden was a partial pirate.

I say partial because he only wore part of his costume.  I drew a mustache and goatee on him while he was sleeping in the car, and put the parrot on his shoulder far enough back that he couldn't really see it.  But he refused to wear his head scarf and rag bracelet.

The biggest hit was the water play.  Landry REALLY wanted the blocks that were in a particularly hard-to-reach spot, but she managed to finagle a few out on her own.

Later on fairy Skylar gave it a try.  Seeing as she is a head shorter than Landry, she was not as successful.  I think she still enjoyed just walking around, as walking is a new experience for her.

After the kids had played for a while, we sat down at the picnic benches to open presents.  When I asked Sara what Landry likes to play with, she said she always plays with Logan's toys.  She remarked that she could probably use some more girl toys and she always has room in her day for puppies.  "But no real puppies."  So we got her a baby doll and a walking plush puppy.  Aiden was enthralled with the baby doll, which was very promising.

Princess Landry on her Gift Receiving Throne (playing with her Aunt Brittany):


Sara's Satire said...

I think all the kids had a good time at the museum, and it may have been my best birthday party idea so far. I think next time I may need to actually book a birthday party, but I am not big on spending hundreds of dollars for kids birthday parties! LOL

Nikki said...

I think you might be surprised how little it actually costs to book one of those parties. A friend of mine just had a party at Moody Gardens. It included a room filled with games and toys for 2 hours, a cake and entry into the Palm Beach water park for 25 guests and it was only $150. I'm pretty sure it's $20/person just to go in that water park, so it was well worth it. I easily spent $250 for Aiden's party this year and all we did was have people over to eat and played in water toys we already had. Home parties can get expensive, making those destination parties worth it!