Monday, November 21, 2011

New World Problems

We have completed our Christmas shopping for Aiden!  Toys R Us is having a ton of sales through Thanksgiving Day, so we wanted to get him done first.  The trick is to keep all that stuff hidden for a month.  I'm sure that will get more difficult down the road.  Now we can focus on gifts for the rest of the family.  My dad won't be coming for Christmas.  He's going to try to come in January or February, but it depends on his work.  I'm not sure if Brenda will be able to make it - she's still up in the air.  Travis still has to talk to his dad, but he usually can't make it because he has plans with his girlfriend or he has to work.

My mom is planning to come for a month, so she will be here for Christmas.  With her, we always draw names out of a hat for gifts.  None of us are particularly well off.  That coupled with traveling for my mom and buying food for the celebrations for Ariel and I, makes for a very expensive month.  Drawing names out of a hat helps alleviate some of that.  Now that we have Aiden, we get to watch him open lots of gifts on Christmas morning.  That has quickly become my favorite part of the holiday.  I'm sure this year will be even better.  Aiden enjoys so many things now.  He will love everything he gets.

Travis and I usually don't get each other gifts for Christmas anymore.  We generally don't have the funds for it.  This year, we thought we'd be buying a dishwasher, but I think we might be able to postpone that until after the holiday season.  It's holding on at the moment.  Barely.  Com'on kitchen appliance!  Hold on for just a while longer!!

Travis bought an iPhone a week ago, but it's on backorder.  He is supposed to get it by Friday.  Only 50% of his current touch screen works.  We can't afford to get one for each of us at the same time.  I'm hoping to get one soon after Christmas.  It seems like my phone senses that I'm ready for a new one because it is going bezerk more often than it used to.  The number one reason I want an iPhone now is for a decent touch screen.  I CANNOT stand it when my touch screen doesn't work.  My current phone is so bad that it won't even recalibrate.  It frustrates me to no end.  I am thankful I bought a flip phone with an actual keyboard on the inside.  I don't even use the main screen of my phone anymore.  I go straight to the inside. 

Oh the problems in my life.  ; )


Sara's Satire said...

That's awesome that you guys have already finished Aiden's Christmas shopping. I really need to start. I tell myself every year that if I start early and just buy a few items at a time, then it won't hurt so much financially when Christmas rolls around.

We are drawing names for JR's side of the family. Everyone is going to buy something for each of the kids, and then we will draw a name for an adult. I like this idea, because like you, watching the kids light up with presents is my favorite part. Although, I have to say - I am wishing that whoever draws JR and I will buy us a gift card to either Amazon, Lowes, or Home Depot! LOL

Also, my mom LOVES her iPhone. I will finally get to upgrade my phone in March, but I will probably have to wait a little longer due to the cruise and the house. I have one of the oldest models of droids. JR upraded to the Droid Bionic, and he really likes his. It is twice as fast as mine so I may get that, or the new droid razr that just came out. The only thing I dont like about the iPhone is that you have to go through iTunes to get everything. In all honesty it isn't that big of a deal unless you want music, and then you have to pay for it. I am still considering the iPhone, but I have to figure out how it will work for the Kindle app. So far I have tried it on my mom and Dana's phone, and I can't figure it out.

Alexa said...

That's RIGHT! And once you go iPhone, you don't go'll be HOOKED. Easily the best touch screen you can buy, not to mention the easiest user interface that exists.

Alexa said...

Sara...Kindle app on the iPhone shouldn't be any different than on the Driod. It is the simplest app I have, plus it sync's to my Kindle, the iPad and any other device we want it on. I think up to 9 for one amazon account.

Also, iTunes is only to get music/shows/movies/free podcasts. You get Apps through the App store which is where anyone and their brother can make an app to put and sell in the store.

Nikki said...

Ya Sara, I asked a friend at work how she gets books for her iPhone Kindle app and she said she uses Amazon and it automatically uploads the books to the Kindle app. And there are lots of free ones there too. There will be A LOT to learn whenever I can finally get that phone.