Monday, May 14, 2012

39 Weeks, 3 days

39 Weeks, 2 days
 My due date is this Friday, so this is my last week at work.  Wahoo!  It's going to be a hard week.  I totally have senioritis.  I actually have work to be doing, which is going to be hard to keep up with.  My dad is getting in Thursday evening.  So IF we get to strip the membranes on Thursday, he should be here if anything happens.  Otherwise, he'll be around a week early to help out with Aiden while I am gigantically pregnant. 

This weekend was super nice.  Travis ended up working all day Saturday.  He was originally just supposed to work in the office for the morning, but he decided to help out the on-call guy and go out to do a few jobs in the afternoon.  That evening, we went to the Yeager's for dinner.  Turns out it was their 6-year anniversary.  So THEY made US dinner for their special day.  Ha!  I guess the special day caught up with them and they were unable to make plans in advance.  They're going to celebrate this week instead. 

Yesterday was Mother's Day and it was very laid back for me.  Travis made an extra special effort to take care of Aiden and do things around the house.  He made french toast, bacon and eggs for breakfast.  Then, he and Aiden washed the car for me.  I almost forgot my car had a pearl finish!  During Aiden's nap, I relaxed in front of the TV while he mowed the lawn. 

When Aiden woke up, we went to Walmart for a few things.  I had the sudden urge to stock the freezer so my dad has easy meals to feed them while we are in the hospital.  We also grabbed a few things for dinner. On our way home, we stopped at a pet shop to find a couple more fish for my tank.  I only had two fish that swam in the water column, so I've been wanting to add to the tank for a while.  I wanted to get another cichlid or an oscar, but the fish expert recommended Red Tailed Sharks (catfish family) for now.  Since I have a tank of aggressive, territorial fish, he suggested finding some limestone to stack in the tank before we add more cichlids.  If these sharks survive, they can get up to four inches long.  They were still alive this morning, so I have hope!

I am so afraid to eat at a restaurant on Mother's Day.  I absolutely despise waiting for a meal.  I get hungry and then cranky really fast.  If I have to sit in a waiting area, smelling all the delicious foods from the kitchen, the crankiness will only get worse.  This year Travis grilled steaks and asparagus, and made scalloped potatoes.  I did get off my ass to make a salad for dinner.  We ate outside and were a little late getting Aiden to bed, but it was a nice evening.  I went straight to bed after Aiden did and watched Game of Thrones on my phone.  I stayed up too late again, but I wasn't quite ready to fall asleep yet. 

Now it's Monday and the countdown begins.  Five work days to go...

Alexa - Thanks for the photo tip!  It worked!  I've had so much trouble getting photos to rotate properly in Blogger and Alexa found the solution!  If anyone else is having a similar problem, check out this site.


Alexa said...

Look at that sweet belly of yours! She is growing and will be here any minute! YEAH!!

I HATE going out to eat on ANY holiday or big day of any sort because I KNOW it will be a struggle. Not only with the non-existant patience of the children, but MINE as well!

I think those that go to Kemah on the weekend are also NUSTO! Then again, I live next to it, so its easy for me to judge.

Can't wait to visit with you (even though it may not be till Mila arrives with the way our busy lives are)! Not sure if you're up for it, but we are going to rock the dock Thursday. Just gonna sit and let the kids blow off steam.

Sara's Satire said...

I am really excited for you. I know that this last stretch is hard, but you are so close to the finish line, and honestly Nikki, you are so beautiful. I think you are so pretty, you are kind, and thoughtful, and you are so wonderful inside and out. Pregnancy really has made you glow.
Maybe they will stip the membranes on Thursday, but even if they dont your still not too far away!

I am sad that I wont be able to come visit you at the hospital, but we will be in town for Memorial Day Weekend, so hopefully your little princess will be here and we can stop by and see you and meet her!

Nikki said...

Thanks so much you guys! The security guard at the front desk of my work said I am glowing. I wanted to tell him it was actually edema and perspiration. LOL!

Sara, I REALLY hope she is here by Memorial Day. I may be in labor that weekend. Ha! But how fabulous would that be if your birthday was always near a three day weekend?? That might help me remember which comes first - Memorial Day or Labor Day. Not sure why I have such a hard time with that. Although, Travis' birthday is always near Labor Day and I can never remember which holiday that is... Meh.