Tuesday, May 8, 2012

TRYING to Relax

I tried to keep this weekend laid back.  I think I did so-so.  Friday night we took it easy at home.  Travis and Aiden put together Mila's crib.  Aiden was really excited about sharing the space with his baby sister.  I REALLY hope he keeps up that attitude after the crying baby is here.  We'll see.

Saturday morning we needed to go grocery shopping, so Travis went with to help me out. He's not very good about finding the deals like I am. That's why he doesn't usually go by himself.  That evening, we headed over to my boss' house for a crawfish boil.  It was the only day the majority of us were available - not directly related to Cinco de Mayo.  Though Travis did drink Dos Equis in honor of the day.  We have hung out with one of my co-workers a few times now and his kids just happen to go to the same daycare as Aiden.  We got to meet another co-worker's two boys as well.  They all got along pretty well - only a few tifts over the tricycles that some of us brought along. 

The little girl that was there (who is also in his daycare class) brought her pink Dora the Explorer helmet.  She took it off at some point and Aiden put it on.  He was obsessed.  He wouldn't even take it off to go in the house to use the restroom.  It was so cute.  Travis didn't flinch too much at the color. 

Aiden has been asking for a helmet for a few weeks now, I guess ever since we bought his motorcycle.  He noticed a lot of people wearing helmets as they rode their motorcycles on the Interstate, so of course Aiden had to have one.  And hey!  Who am I to inhibit safety??  Last night we stopped at Target and found a Spiderman helmet.

It matches his Spiderman sunglasses and "Spiderman" motorcycle.  It's not actually a Spiderman motorcycle, but Spiderman drives a red motorcycle, so I can see the relation for him. 

The funny thing about Aiden's Spiderman obsession?  He has been talking about how much he wants a Batman birthday.  Not Spiderman.  Batman.  Funny.

Sunday we didn't do anything in the morning except for a few things around the house.  That afternoon we went to see The Avengers with Aiden and a couple girls from my work.  Aiden LOVED it.  He did cover his ears through most of it.  I guess it was too loud for him, but he never took his eyes off the screen.  Before we saw the movie, if you asked him what The Hulk says, he would say, "HULK SMASH" and smash his fists together.  Since he saw the movie, he puts his fists in the air and says, "ARRRRGGGHHH!!!"  Ha!

After the movie we met Ariel and Robert for dinner at a fried shrimp place in Galveston.  I was having a craving and everyone obliged.  We sat on the back patio and Auntie Ariel tickled Aiden almost the entire time.  It's always nice to hang out with other people so they entertain Aiden a bit for me.  Takes some of the pressure off, which I wholeheartedly appreciate. 

We did a lot of things this weekend, but none of it was very stressful.  I'm hoping to relive that this weekend as well.

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Jenna said...

Nikki - I love the pic of Aiden. I love hand gesture that spiderman makes for the spider web! LOL