Wednesday, May 9, 2012

9-16 Days Left

The irritability continues.  My hands and feet have been swelling a lot worse lately, though nothing as horrible as when I was pregnant with Aiden.  That makes my irritation more palpable.  The one thing currently keeping me going through the day is the Jack Johnson station on Pandora.  It helps calm me and there aren't any annoying random songs to give me an eye twitch. 

I haven't been AS busy at work lately.  I finally got access to the area I've been doing work in, so I don't have to go when it's convenient for other people.  I can go when it fits into my schedule.  I have to wear special head wear in that area and it's wreaking havoc on my neck.  I have a bad neck anyway.  Add five pounds on top of my head and all hell breaks loose.  (Read: added irritability.)  I'm looking forward to the maternity break from that thing. 

Things have been getting behind at the house lately.  I drank a serious cup of coffee yesterday afternoon and then spent the evening clearing that list.  That means tonight I get to SIT.  Just sit.  I even made a giant casserole yesterday so we can eat leftovers again tonight.  I think it might just be a TV night...

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