Friday, May 4, 2012


While I know this is iffy for a 2-year-old (rated PG-13), I CANNOT wait to take Aiden to see The Avengers this weekend. Three of his favorite characters in one film.  I've been trying to rent Thor for months now, but it's never available at Redbox.  I had to drive out of my way to find a Redbox that had it yesterday.  At least I found it!  Aiden was nervous for the first 10 minutes, which has me a little worried about seeing the Avengers in a loud theater.  I guess if we have to take breaks, we can.  I'm still excited!

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Sara's Satire said...

I am taking Logan and Landry to see it tomorrow. LOL Logan is so excited, so I guess we will see how it goes. I will probably have to buy an extra large popcorn and some snacks in order to keep Landry still and quiet, so we will see how it goes! LOL