Friday, May 11, 2012

39 Weeks

I had my weekly OB appointment yesterday.  Still nothing.  I was having three contractions an hour yesterday so I was hopeful there would be some semblance of progression.  No such luck.  I have only had one contraction so far today, so I guess my body calmed down.

My doctor has mentioned in the past that I probably have an irritable uterus.  Basically, I have lots of contractions for no reason.  On a normal day, I have around 10 contractions and have had this since I was around 12 weeks pregnant.  But yesterday, I had 24 contractions over the course of 8 hours. (Granted, they were unevenly spaced and in duration.)  That put me in a BAD mood.  I was even more irritable last night when I looked at the pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen I couldn't wash because the contractions were starting to get painful.  Thankfully Travis found the time to take care of it.

If I have started effacing or dilating by next Thursday, the doctor will try stripping the membranes.  If I'm not dilating, she can't get in there to do the procedure.

I was talking to my mom about how I expect to have to be induced the week after my due date.  She mentioned that our family seems to be extremely fertile and have absolutely no problems getting pregnant or growing healthy babies.  But when it comes to actually delivering, we SUCK.  It seems that the women in our family are prone to long deliveries and c-sections.  This conversation further convinced me I will be having this child somewhere around May 25th. 

Here's hoping today is better than yesterday.


Sara's Satire said...

If it makes you feel any better, my mom spent less than 15 hours in labor with all three of us combined. Her labor with Vanessa was only 3 hours. She also had all natural births with all 3 of us, no pain killers at all, and I weighed 9 lbs, 6oz. - 22 in. long. Randi gave birth to 2 8 lb. babies and each labor took over 20 hours. As you know, I had 2 c-sections. So, I don't know if it really matters about other women in your family. Although, the one things Randi and my mom had in common was that each pregnancy went 1 to 2 weeks late. I am sure I would have been late ass well if I hadn't had c-sections.

The good news is that you are almost done. I hope things get easier for you next week. When do you start your maternity leave?

Nikki said...

Assuming I don't have Mila before then, my last day at work is Friday. I THINK my dad is coming Wednesday. I need to call to confirm!