Thursday, September 23, 2010

Disgusting Recall

Apparently, Similac has found beetle and larvae parts in their powder formula (in the plastic container) from an infestation at the Sturgis plant. Aiden is no longer using formula, so this does not effect us. Although, I guess it wouldn't have anyway because once Aiden went to formula 100% at six months old, we switched to Target brand (half the price = worth it).

You can enter the lot number of any containers you might have in your possession on their website, to see if it has been recalled:

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Sara's Satire said...

So glad Landry doesn't use similac. I tried it twice with her...a bottle at 3 months, and another one a week later...she never took it, and then I never saw that can again...I think I may have lost it in the move!
I tried to switch to the HEB brand formula, it's $10 cheaper!!! But she wouldn't take it...I still have the can, so I decided not to waste it, and I am going to try to give her a bottle of the HEB stuff half way through the day (see if I can trick her). We dont have much longer to buy formula, so we will see what happens...I am not too worried about it at theis point - but I just hate to waste the formula!!!