Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sometimes I feel like a fake

Is it weird that I still feel like a fake when I bring Aiden into daycare? I keep expecting one of the other moms or a teacher to call me out as I walk through the doors. I don't know what it is. I feel wholeheartedly like a mom when I'm with Aiden, but it still seems too surreal that I am already to this stage in my life. Especially since I still feel so young and goofy at times. I wonder if that's how my dad feels. I think it still shocks him that he's a grandpa.

Aiden is doing much better today. He is still pretty fussy, but I'm hoping a day at school will help clear that up. We had a nice day at home yesterday, despite that frequent prescription eye drop application that had to happen.

That kid cracks me up. His toddler jabbering seems to be advancing. Sometimes now it sounds like he is actually speaking sentences, with all the different sounds he can make. He says 'momma' regularly now. It's how he lets me know he has something he wants to give me, or sometimes I think he says it just to watch my reaction of acknowledgement. I am really excited about this recent advancement, but I think it might bug Travis a little. Aiden says 'dada', but not nearly as much as 'momma'.

Aiden has learned a few new tricks, as I like to call them. He likes to say 'cheers' and clash our cups together at dinner time. Or snack time or lunch time or whenever we both have cups. The only problem is this can go on repeatedly forever if I don't say no. My personal favorite is 'pound it'. You stick your fist out to him, say 'pound it' and he will punch his little fist into yours. ADORABLE.

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Alexa said...

I still feel fake, especially when my mom and dad are around. Like, I still look at them and go, am I doing this right?

You're a wonderful Mama :). Aiden is a lucky boy.