Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor-Free Weekend

To continue Travis' birthday week, we planned a little getaway. His dad's girlfriend, Andrea, asked if we could meet them halfway between where we live and where Curt lives (in north Louisiana) for one night (Sunday). Since both Travis and his dad are workaholics, we knew that the best way to force them to actually take time off, would be to remove them from the area. We wanted it to be a relaxing trip, so we reserved rooms at the same hotel in Sulphur, Louisiana and decided to play the rest by ear.

Travis' uncle Clint and his family met us at the hotel also, but they did not stay the night. They live just north of New Orleans, so it was a short drive for them. It was great to finally get to meet Clint. We hung out in the hotel room, had Chinese take-out and swam in the pool. I put Aiden to bed in the room and then we just sat outside the room and talked. The weather was wonderful, in the high 70's/low 80's all weekend, so it was nice to just sit outside.

The next morning, Aiden slept in until 8am (HOLY COW!) and we ate the continental breakfast offered by the hotel. We packed up the cars, checked out of the hotel and headed to the beach. Unfortunately, Tropical Storm Hermine whipped the coast with a few of her tail storms, so it wasn't exactly prime beach time. I felt bad because this was Andrea's first time to the beach. I guess that just means they'll have to come visit us sometime soon so she can really go to the beach.

Travis, Aiden and Curt

Travis, Aiden and Andrea

The tide was high enough that it was spilling over into the beach parking lot. I couldn't concentrate on enjoying my time at the beach with water pooling under the car, so Travis moved it to the entrance street. After that, we walked around a little bit. Andrea and Curt collected shells, while Travis let Aiden get pummeled by the waves. Eventually I had to just pull them out of the water so Aiden could go play in the water pools in the "parking lot". That way he could splash without getting taken out to sea. Ha.

We wanted to grab some lunch before heading out of town, so we went to Gatti's Pizza. It's the type of place that can give a person some stomach troubles, but it was worth it. We didn't have to wait for our food to be prepared and there was a TV to keep Aiden content since he was awake during his regular nap time. Aside from a minor breakdown at dinner time on Sunday, Aiden was a trooper the whole trip.

Also amazing - Travis had Saturday off too!!! We had three whole days with him. I think Aiden was confused each morning when Travis was there. He got excited every time he woke up to find his dad. Awesomeness.

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