Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Shower for Skylar

The food table - I went with a bird theme since Alexa is doing the nursery in jewel tones and birds. The colors were gorgeous together and hopefully Alexa can use the decoration leftovers.

The glowing prego and friend Chrissy, who came an hour early to help me set up.

Marina, girlfriend to the owner of the home we used, came early to help set up also. She was a huge help because she knew where a lot of the kitchen utensils were.

Jodie (with Mackenzie), Chrissy, Kim and Rachel (taking notes)

Sea of gift bags - Skylar made out!

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Alexa said...

WOW! Look at my LOOT! I loved it...still can't believe it. So thankful! Also, I am still eating the leftovers, yum.