Thursday, September 2, 2010

Trying to remember what Aiden ate yesterday...

It's amazing how much your life revolves around poop as a parent.

I gave Aiden a bath last night. Before the bath, there was a pretty serious doodie diaper that Daddy took care of. Five minutes into the bath, a few bubbles float to the surface from my oh-so-innocent son. Not unheard of, so I didn't react. Moments later, yellow doodie, just like what was in that diaper earlier, follows suit.

I flipped the drain so I could clear out the mess and rinse away any residue. I fill the tub back up and Aiden continues where he left off splashing with his cups. Not five minutes later, Aiden is squatting again, pushing up bubbles and more doodie.

Again, I flipped the drain and watch the yellow mush make it's way down our drain. This time, I didn't refill the tub. I just rinsed the tub and washed Aiden down in the empty tub, hoping to get a diaper on the kid before there was a third round.


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