Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This one got long...

Oi. It's been a long couple of days. But, I'll start with Saturday!

We made plans to go to the first annual Galveston Shrimp Fest with Zach, Linsey and Luke on Saturday. That morning, I brought the Murano in for an oil change and tire rotation. When we bought the car, we bought the car care package which covered oil changes and basic maintenance for so many miles. Looks like we're about to run out - we only have one "free" oil change left. Booooo!

The whole process took a ridiculous two hours, but Aiden did really well throughout. I was kicking myself for not packing a snack for him, and all my change was in the car, so I couldn't get anything from the vending machine. Unfortunately, we ran into Aiden's nap time, so he fell asleep on the ride home. I put him directly to bed when we got home, which meant he'd have to eat lunch afterwards instead of before, like we usually do.

Aiden woke up early from his nap and we headed to Galveston. We missed the beginning of Shrimp Fest because of Aiden's nap. The only bummer there is they were no longer allowing any new people to do the gumbo tastings. It was sooooo hot out, with no breeze, so we decided to take the babies into Yaga's for some appetizers. We hung out for an hour and then went out for snow cones. Aiden really seemed to like it. We all had cherry snow cones, so there were a lot of red tongues.

While we were sitting in the shade enjoying our frozen treat, Kate and her family showed up. We chatted with them for a bit before we all went our own ways.

Travis had worked all day, so we ran home to meet him for dinner. After dinner, Travis and I watched the Killers. It was eh. That's all I can say about that one. I should have gotten something else. Oh well.

Sunday, I cleaned all morning and then Robert came over to watch the Texans-Cowboys game. Ariel is in Illinois for a couple weeks visiting friends and family, otherwise she would have come also. I made a bunch of appetizers from stuff we already had around the house. It was nice to do something like that without having to spend a fortune at the grocery store beforehand.

Travis joined a softball league with Ariel and Robert and their games are on Sunday nights. (All friends are welcome to attend! Just text me for the game time whenever you're interested.) Unfortunately, they had to forfeit this weekend because only 4 team members showed up, including them. Annoying. I had already bought food for Aiden and I, so we ate then left. When we got home, I made the boys burgers and we watched the season premiere of Family Guy.

Over the weekend, Aiden's eyes had gotten a little gunky, so I called to make an appointment for him on Monday. I figured if it went away by then, I'd just cancel the appointment. Sadly, it didn't go away - it got worse. Monday morning when I went to wake Aiden up, his eyes and nose were crusted shut. Cleaning that mess up was quite the scene. YUCK.

We went to the 9:50 appointment Monday morning. When they called us back, the nurse had Aiden use the standing scale, instead of the one with a cradle to hold the little babies. My baby's growing up! He was 23.3 lbs. No idea what percentile he's in because we didn't discuss his growth. We had a male doctor this time. It was interesting because Aiden tends to gravitate towards men. He just stared at this doctor the entire time. So funny! The doctor pulled back Aiden's bottom eyelids and sure enough - pink eye.


Let me tell you right now, this is my least favorite ailment to medicate. Eye drops on a baby? Come on! Are you kidding me?! At least this time it's eye drop and not ointment. That was a nightmare on it's own. So, we have to do 2-3 drops in each eye FOUR TIMES DAILY for 3-7 days. Ugh.

The daycare won't let him back until he's been on medication for 24 hours. Since I gave him his first dose immediately after we filled it, he could technically go back today at noon. That falls right in the middle of nap time and it's too hard to go into work for just a few hours, so I took the entire day off. We should be back to our normal schedule tomorrow.

We spent the rest of Monday over at Robert's. Rachel watched Aiden over lunch so I could run into work. I got my regular stuff done and a few items that I normally would have done today. Hopefully it doesn't put everyone out too much.

We had already bought tickets to go to the Galveston Epicurean Event Monday night with Rachel and Robert. Travis called Sue to see if she still wanted Aiden with his conjunctivitis and she assured him we couldn't get out of this. She loves Aiden, sickness and all! Every time we drop him off there, she tells us we have to bring him more often. I keep forgetting about that. NEED TO REMEMBER THAT.

The Epicurean Event went from 6-8:30, so we weren't really gone that long. All the restaurants from around Galveston get together and serve samples of their cuisine, along with several wineries and various sellers of booze. I was stuffed after two booths. But, I made the rounds. It was hard not to with the boys trucking along, desperate to hit every booth before the end of the night. Oh and the CHOCOLATE. So much chocolate. And one booth was even handing out various vitamins and supplements, including digestive enzymes in pill form. I'm confident that those are the only reason I did not explode from all the food I ate.

I wish they had more activities like that down here. Up north, they have this for every town. The Taste of Chicago, for example. And the Taste of Champaign. Any activity that surrounds food is my kind of activity!

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