Monday, September 13, 2010

Photo Session

Travis, Aiden and I went up to visit our friends, the Phillips', in Houston on Sunday. They asked Travis if he could change some wiring in their living room, so we made a day out of it. We left right after breakfast. Aiden took a nap on the ride up. He was so excited to follow Micah around and play with his toys. Micah is also known as Ninja in my book. At two and a half years old, the way that kid can maneuver himself up onto the kitchen counter is nothing short of stealth and flexibility. Aiden took the cue and started pulling himself up on whatever his knees could reach (IE, couch, window ledge, toy chest, etc). No bueno. I'm hoping he forgot this skill in his sleep last night.

Jenn grilled lunch for us. That corn on the cob was perhaps the best I've had in YEARS. It was perfect. After lunch, Jenn followed Aiden around with her camera, hoping to get some shots to put up on her website. She is an excellent photographer and has yet to start up her clientele here since they moved to Houston a year ago. Until she can get her official website up and running, she has started a photo blog. Aiden made her first post!

It's amazing to me how icy blue Aiden's eyes are - they barely show up when we do a color-BW contrast.

Aiden thought Micah was just the bees knees. They had a good game of Tickle, Tickle as we ate lunch.

Billy tried to show Aiden a baby frog. His response? THROW IT. =/

Aiden had a blast playing in Micah's Cars tent. We're going to have to find a little tent for at home.

I am utterly impressed that Jenn was able to get so many great shots considering Aiden wasn't the most helpful of all models. He was tired from only taking an hour nap and the heat always eats away at Aiden's patience. We're hoping to make it back up there again once the weather cools down a bit so we can get some more shots outside. Until then, I am thoroughly enjoying this set!

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Alexa said...

WOW, the third one is AMAZING!!! Love it! She is very talented, but of course it is easier when you have a handsome subject :).