Monday, August 8, 2011

Daily Levitation

I came across this website where the auther posts a daily photo of herself "levitating". It doesn't look like she's posted for a while, but it's just as entertaining to go through her archives. There are also shots of her cat thrown in that are not quite as interesting.

To levitate, she sets the timer on her camera, runs to the target and jumps. Apparently it takes more than one shot. I'm impressed with her lack of grimace. If I were jumping repeatedly (hell, even once for that matter), I know my face and limbs would be tensed. Also, I am incapable of getting my feet farther than two inches off the ground. This girl is IMPRESSIVE. There is a running joke in the family - every time I jump, someone yells, "Credit card check!" Meaning, 'Check to see if you can fit a credit card between her feet and the ground!'

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