Monday, August 1, 2011

The spacing in this post is driving me mad

We bought the car! They finally agreed to it Friday night. Travis went up after work to sign his life away. Again. Why does it feel like we're always signing our life away? I guess that's what happens when you buy stuff on credit. Eh.

We had to put $500 down to get the Mazda. It wasn't hard for us since we had that money set aside for the Murano payment anyway. The great news is that we have a brand new car with no current problems. If any problems do arise, hopefully one of our warranties will cover it. Here's a list of all the things I can forget about having to fix now that we don't have the Murano:

  • Replace windshield - there was one giant crack and 5 holes threatening to spiderweb.

  • Replace 4 bald tires - that's something we probably would have had to do again in 3 years since the alignment is so bad in that vehicle.

  • Fix the A/C - it only works when the car is in motion.

  • Power steering flush - recommended every so many miles. We had reached those miles.

Not only do I not need to worry about spending that money, but I also don't need to worry about taking the vehicle in and being without a car. If anything goes wrong with the Mazda and they need to keep it over night, they will give us a loaner car. AWESOME.

After Travis got home Friday night with our new vehicle, I left with it. Ha! I met a few of the girls from work for drinks at the new rum bar in Galveston. I've been wanting to go since they opened up. Travis did all the electrical in there, so I had heard about some of the decorative details in that place. I drive by it all the time and it looks like so much fun. I was right! I stayed until 1 in the morning without even realizing it was so late. I'm sure it helped that I downed a coffee right before leaving the house.

The point of the get-together was to commemorate my time at that lab. But the new lab I'll be working in is in a different building - the building where most of my friends work. So I'll actually be seeing all of them more often now. SCORE.

This photo cracks me up. The brunette in army green is Ariel The tall blond in black is my co-worker Ashley. She is a foot taller than Ariel. I know Ashley is tall, but it always surprises me when she stands up.

Since we were at the Rum Shack, we all ordered drinks containing rum. Nadya's sister surprised her with a drink in a melon decorated with fruit to look like a monkey! Although, they forgot about the ears...

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