Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Travis, The Amazing Rocket

At 3:45 this morning, I woke suddenly to Travis catapulting himself out of bed and running from the room. He had thrown the comforter over me and scared the wits out of Phage (our cat) as well. Phage had been laying by my feet on the bed and was now standing on the floor hissing in the direction Travis had just run. My heart was racing and I assumed that he had heard someone trying to break in and went to check on it.

When he didn't come back immediately, I had a moment to ponder what the hell was going on. Generally, if Travis thinks he hears someone outside our house, he looks through the windows first. And that usually wakes me up so I'm aware of what's going on as well. Since he had so quickly propelled himself from our bedroom, I thought it might be something else. As I strained to hear what he was doing, I thought of fire, or maybe the cats were getting into something they shouldn't?

That's when I heard Travis lift the toilet seat in the bathroom. I hopped up to go see what was going on.

"Oh I think I had a dream that I needed to hop out of bed really quick."

Huh? I'm laying in the bedroom having a heart attack and you just had a bad dream? What the deuce?? Eh, well as long as I'm up I might as well use the bathroom.

Funny thing is, every morning when he sleeps in through all the snoozes on his alarm and I go into wake him up, that's how he gets out of bed. It's like he's been prodded with electricity to get him going. Hilarious. Every time.

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