Friday, August 26, 2011

Time to slash something

A couple nights ago I had a dream so real that when I woke up I was seriously upset. I dreamt that I was pregnant with our second child. I gave birth and after the delivery the doctor said there was a problem. I don't remember what it was, but he said there are two options: Medicine that might not work or just do a hysterectomy. I was so worried about dying that I immediately chose the hysterectomy. After I'd had the surgery I was laying there in the hospital bed when I realized that I'd only had two children. I wasn't sure if I wanted to have a third child or not. With that decision taken away from me, I was panicked and upset. I couldn't believe that I'd thrown away that option later in life without even thinking about it.

Dream interpretation websites say this dream may represent the need to slash something out of my life, like a habit or something of which I need to let go. They actually used the word 'slash'. Eesh.

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