Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Going well so far

Sagira is still living with my friend. It's been a little over a week and supposedly she's only had two accidents. Once was just like she did before and the second time was a stress-induced diarrhea. She got a bath and blow-dry. I PROMISE that Sagira wasn't a big fan of that. She may have been okay playing around in the bath (she isn't freaked out by water like most cats - it's a Bengal trait), but I'm SURE that blow dryer freaked her out.

Besides that, the new owner is enjoying her. Sagira is slowly warming up to her and her family. The owner's other cat still hisses at Sagira regularly, but hopefully she'll get over that soon. THIS COULD BE AWESOME.

The wall is coming along smoothly. Well, sort of. I was painting on the stucco primer Sunday and we found two spots that didn't attach to the pressed board. We broke it off and Travis patched the large holes last night. I primed the rest of the wall and Travis caulked most of the trim. He's going to finishing caulking the rest of the wall tonight and he also plans to prime the trim. I will have to wait until next week to finish priming the stucco because the new patches need to cure completely.

Rain is in the forecast for Thursday, so we wanted to get the wall as close to air tight before then. We've done the best we can with fresh stucco on the wall. After the priming and caulking is finished, we will paint! We are painting the stucco grey, to match our house. I'm not sure what color to paint the trim. We were planning to do black to make the trim on our house, but my dad has been trying to convince us to choose a lighter color. He said we don't have to do a stark contrast to match the house exactly. I'm not sure what we'll do yet.

It's coming along!

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