Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ruby Girl

This past weekend, we went to a birthday party for one of Aiden's friends from the old daycare. Ruby was one of the first kids in the class whose name he learned. After a few months of Aiden being in the 1-year-old room, I ran into an old friend picking up his daughter, who turned out to be Ruby! I said, your daughter is Ruby?! He said, Ya! Your son is Aiden?! Apparently they were best buds.

A month after Aiden switched daycare, we invited Ruby to Aiden's birthday party. Sadly, she got sick and was unable to make it. I was stoked to get in invitation to Ruby's party for Aiden. It's been three months since Aiden left that daycare, so I wasn't completely surprised to find the old pals did not recognize each other. It was still a little sad.

Here's the birthday girl! (I am so bummed that I can't get this photo to show up horizontally.)

It was so funny to watch Aiden in a room full of pink toys, surrounded by girls. Most of our friends have boys Aiden's age. And the one girl (Kate) we see occasionally does not really do the whole girly-pink thing.

He still managed to find a bunch of trains and dinosaurs. And of course, he was glued to the TV when they turned on some dinosaur show (Dinosaur Dan, I think).

Travis found the grill and the beers and made himself comfortable. Here he is roughing the heat with Erik.

I used to work at a vet clinic while I was in college. Erik worked there at the same time as I did. Crazy to think we'd have kids at the same time!

After food and swimming (which Aiden refused to do - I would have gotten in that kiddie pool if I'd had my swim suit - the sun is out of control), we went out front to watch the kids beat up the pinata.

Aiden gave it a few good whacks and didn't even hit anyone else with the stick! They had to have an 11-year old boy come in and do the real damage. After a little prodding, we got Aiden to run up and grab some candy.

He came back with a sucker in each hand.


Alexa said...

She is so CUTE! Many I love this age, they are adorable and so funny. Predictable, yet totally un-predictable.

Oh, and we are slowly adding girly toys to the mix in our house, Blair doesn't discriminate. A toy is a toy to him at this point! Whether its a baby stroller or a Transformer! Although he really seems to prefer just racing his Tonka trucks around the houes at full speed. Also, wanted to mention that Blair is now like 5 for 5 for running each and every baby that comes over with his Plasma car. He ran his sister over. It wasn't pretty. The plasma car has been sent to the garage for EVER.

Nikki said...

Ruby is REALLY cute. Do you see that she is wearing wedges? LOL!

Aiden was just the practice dummy, huh? Haha! Speaking of, I haven't seen the plasma car in a while... Can Aiden try it next time we come over? In the garage of course!