Friday, August 12, 2011

Minus One More

I have spent months complaining about having too many animals to my family. As you remember, we sent Callaway home with my dad last month. We were hoping to give a cat to my mom whenever she came to visit, but she was unable to come this summer. A month ago, Ariel offered to take Sagira off our hands. I felt bad sending Sagira to live with her, and honestly I wasn't sure if she was serious. But when she offered it again last weekend, we took her up.

As of right now, it's just a trial period. Sagira is known to be the culprit of eliminating her bowels on our bed EVERY SINGLE DAY and I really didn't want to put that stress on my sister and Robert. So far she hasn't continued that habit at their house. She did pee in their room after a day of staying there, but we both think it's because she was too afraid to leave the bedroom in that first day. She has since made many trips downstairs to the litter box she now shares with their other cat Junipurr.

I'm crossing my fingers that this continues to work. We no longer have a need for the baby gates. We've kept them up for months, only for the animals. Aiden can get through them if he really wants, so they don't work for him any more. A couple days ago we took down the gates and our house seems so HUGE now. It's insane how much space those little white things took up. Aiden ran through the doorway in the morning and paused for a moment when he realized he didn't have to jump over anything. I thought it was funny.

I haven't taken the tarp off the guest bed yet, JUST IN CASE the other cats decide to drop a deuce in remembrance of Sagira. We haven't had to change the duvet cover on our bed a single day since she left. I'm about to put the comforter IN the duvet cover. I haven't done that in months!

I'm sure part of the reason the house feels huge is that we are minus two at the moment. Eek!

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