Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Well, Sagira's back. She crapped on every pillow in Ariel and Robert's house on Saturday night, then again Sunday morning. So she came back Sunday afternoon. It was worth a try! I have to admit, I'm bummed she's back. I was enjoying the lack of work in her absence. Cleaned the litter box less often, refilled the food and water less often, never cleaned poop off the beds or anything else for that matter (including the floor around the litter box). But now we're back to needy Sagira.

Pilling her Prozac was horrible. She scratches and freaks out. If anything, that stressed her out even more. I've been reading up on Bengal cats. Apparently they get bored easily. So that's probably what her problem is. I don't feel like turning my entire house into a kitty playground, so we're debating letting her outside. Travis is all for it. I'm terrified. There are big, scary dogs in our neighborhood and Sagira doesn't have any practice running away from dogs. If anything, she has always tried to play with the dogs that have come into our house. That spells disaster for a cat who has lived her life indoors. We also live on a fairly busy street. Again, Sagira does not have much experience with motorized vehicles.

I'm kind of hoping we can let her out in the back yard in the evening and then let her back inside before dark. I don't know how well that will work though. She'll probably leave the yard, or hide under the house.

UGH. I dunno.


Sara's Satire said...

If it's boredom, you could try getting a kitty zoo or a new toy for her. Or you could put an ad out for her. You can go to the vet and have them put out an add - that way she doesn't have to actually have to the pound and wait for a home, and you know the people will give her a good home. Or you could put an ad out in craigslist. Just a thought.

Nikki said...

We've THOUGHT about adopting her out. But I don't know how it would go. She's a Bengal, so the appeal is there. BUT, she poops everywhere. People tend to frown on that. I might be able to try it as a charity case because she might get better after she acclimates to the new place. SO HARD!!!