Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Babbling Blair

Alexa and Chris came over for dinner Monday night and got to spend some much needed time together. Things have been crazy lately with my family being in town, and Alexa's family being in town, and Chris being gone on flights (he's a pilot) almost constantly, so we haven't seen much of each other lately. I CANNOT believe how much Blair has grown since we saw him last. He is so talkative and very animated. He was telling us stories all night long! It was funny when Sara came over and talked with Blair. Mom and Dad said he was being shy, but he opened right up for Sara. TOO CUTE. Check out the photo re-cap:

Fun with Dad

He kept trying to turn his head to see Chris.
Mommy and Blair
Two hot mamas and their beautiful sons

Me. Learning how to scare the crap out of the kid.
He started screaming bloody murder
when I made a kissing sound at him.

And my very exhausted husband trying to entertain Blair.
I think Travis was too boring for him after all the dinner fun.

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