Friday, June 20, 2008

Other Stories

I have heard a couple entertaining stories from my friends lately, and since they do not have their own blogs I figured I would do them Internet-justice and retell them on mine.

Our friends Jenna and Seth noticed a strange, musty smell around their washer. They assumed there was standing water in their washing machine and since they were getting ready to leave for a week to visit family in Maryland they didn't have time to take care of it. They got in late, late, late on Tuesday night, so they pretty much came in the house and went straight to bed. The next day at work, Jenna was asking me if I knew where there could be standing water in a washer. Of course, I didn't know the answer to this, but that's how I was updated on the situation. When we met for lunch on Thursday, she told me that they had solved the problem. When they got home Wednesday evening, they opened their garage (right off of the laundry room) and there was a horrific stench filling the room, along with a gazillion flies everywhere. Their first thought was that one of the neighborhood cats got stuck in their garage and died. That probably would have been easier to deal with. Turns out, their freezer died (probably a few days before they left on vacation) and all the meat and Popsicles and frozen meals for the kids had rotted in the Texas heat and humidity. There were maggots EVERYWHERE. They came to the decision to just unplug the freezer, wheel it out to the street and let the garbage men thank them later. Jenna said she was mortified because their whole cul-de-sac wreaked of rotten meat. After spraying the entire garage down with Raid, the decided to purchase a new freezer this weekend.

The other account I have is a little less on the funny side. Our friend Chris (husband of Shannon) was doing some door-to-door advertising in a nice neighborhood in the town we live in. He was walking back to his truck to head home and as soon as he got in, two men walked up on either side of the vehicle and demanded that he give one of them a ride. Chris told them that he was just heading home, but they were pretty adamant that he do what they say. So, one of the guys piled his stuff in the back of the pickup and jumped in the passenger seat. He did some quick thinking and pulled into a gas station. The guy started banging on the door, screaming 'What are you doing?! Bring me to where I said!' Chris opened the door and said that he was thirsty and needed to buy a drink. The guy demanded money for himself. Chris told him he only had a few dollars to purchase his drink, but he could have his change. I think since the door was open to the truck he accepted this and followed him in. After Chris made his purchase and passed over the change, he made a quick escape to his truck and took off. When he got to their work warehouse, where Shannon was still working, he realized the guy's stuff was still in the back of the truck. He was going through it and putting it all into the bag when he grabbed the guy's red t-shirt he'd been holding and found a gun hidden inside. !!! Chris promptly headed to the local police department and since this all happened in a matter of minutes, the police were able to go to the gas station and pick the guy up. Chris waited back at the gas station to identify him. When the police brought him back and asked him about the gun, he claimed that it was not his and it belonged to the other guy who told Chris to give him a ride and that he didn't know who he was. So what do the police do? They let him go! Right in front of Chris! I am quickly getting a bad taste in my mouth for cops. Does anyone know a good cop?

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Alexa said...

I am watching the movie 'Crash' right now and I don't think there are many good sad and scary.