Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hoping for a GREEN thumb

OH, what a wonderful Sunday! The first thing we did was work in the yard. My dad bought us four red oleander bushes as a housewarming gift. I went with to the Garden Center and decided (mostly because everything was half off) that I would buy two pots of pampas grass. My grass is not quite as beautiful as that photo, but hopefully it will be someday. We didn't think about the fact that we would actually have to PLANT six pots. Next time I'll have to plan for that. It took all morning to get everything in the ground. We put the pampas on either side of the driveway for a sense of entry. We have a corner lot and there is no landscaping on the lesser-busy street. Hoping to spruce things up over there, we lined that side of the house with the oleander bushes. I can't wait for everything to get established and start growing. The red flowers will be gorgeous!

Sara and JR came out to check out what we were doing outside on this ridiculously hot and humid day. Even my scalp burned where the parts are in my hair. Travis was a bit hungover from card night, but he still worked hard. Perhaps, the hardest. No way could I have planted these all by myself. The soil here is horrible - the clay turns into clay rocks about a foot down.

Working hard. In the shade.

See the little bushes along the house? We used the dirt we dug up to fill in various holes in our yard. Hopefully that will make mowing a little easier in the future.

Watching Travis work.Withering pampas. I hope they perk up!

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