Monday, June 2, 2008

Three Ladies and a Movie

SEX AND THE CITY. That is all I have to say. Oh and that it is awesome. That movie was totally worth having to sit in the front row and look up each actor's nostrils. I went up to buy the tickets early on Friday and two of the show times were already sold out!! Sadly, that meant Jenna couldn't go with since she would not be home from work and picking up the kids by that point. Shannon, Sara and I dressed up and went to the earlier show on Friday. Shannon celebrated the occasion with a Cosmopolitan, while Sara and I sipped red wine. We went to one of those theaters that have a full bar and grill. I give the movie five stars. Although, you might not agree with me if you haven't watched the show on TV...

I found out some horrible news today. The photo website I've been using since 2005 is CLOSING DOWN. I cannot believe it. I'm usually pretty good about saving my photos on disks because I don't trust the Internet. (This has just solidified my beliefs.) But I still worry that I missed a group of photos here and there. And I like going back to my old albums occasionally to read the captions. Stupid Ringo. I stood by that site and recommended it to everyone. And this is how they repay me. Looks like I'm switching to Flickr. I'm hoping that site is popular enough that it won't shut down anytime soon!

Travis had a great weekend. I had to do a little shopping Saturday because I had a bridal shower for a college friend on Sunday. I've been feeling bad about Travis not being able to spend any of his hard earned money because he's always working, so I picked up some new clothes for him. Then when he got off work he told me that he had Sunday off from work!! I was bummed that I didn't get to hang with him on his ONE day off in a month, but he did get the whole day to himself. I had to work that morning and after that I took the Neon to get detailed. My dad is buying it from me and he will be here TOMORROW. Yea! Getting the car washed took so long that I was late to the bridal shower. While I was gone, Travis mowed the lawn and then went to a flea market to look for speakers for his new truck. He was able to buy everything he needed for $360!!! We seriously expected it to be over $600 for everything he got. SMART SHOPPING TRAVIS. He spent the rest of the afternoon putting the stuff into the dash. He didn't have enough time to complete everything, but he still got a lot finished.

I will write later this week about it, but here's a sneak peak of what I have planned for Tuesday: I'm taking the day off from work and going with my sister to pick up my dad and brother in New Orleans. Whoopee!!

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