Friday, June 27, 2008


Well, I was a bum last night. I got home from work with a pounding headache and decided to lay down for a couple minutes before heading to the gym. After 15 minutes, I still had that damn thing. I decided not to go so I could recuperate for our weekend trip. We're heading to New Braunfels to toob the Guadalupe River and camp out. Jenna and Seth are going with since they don't have the kids all summer. Other than that, I think its just Shannon and Chris going. We tried to get a few other couples to come along, but its getting more difficult with all the babies now. We are carpooling with Shannon and Chris to help conserve gas. Jenna and Seth have to work later than us, so unfortunately they have to meet us there. I can't wait to use the new gear!

We are super busy at work, so it looks like the next few months are going to be CRAZY. Woohoo!

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Alexa said...

Man I am jealous! Have SO MUCH FUN!!!