Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Insane-O-Flex Me!

Watch out Carl! Here I come! Travis signed us up yesterday at a gym near our house. It is brand new and HUGE. I've never worked out at a large gym before, so this will be a whole new experience for me. Travis was so excited about starting, he went in yesterday afternoon (work got rained out). He loves it. It's great because we have access to the weights, machines, tennis & basketball courts, pools and sauna. I paid a small fee to also do the classes. I'm pretty pumped about this because I have never taken part in these. I figure it will be something nice to change up the workout routine and it will force me to keep up the pace. I find that when I do weights by myself, I kind of poop out by the second round of reps.

Another exciting point about this is Shannon and Chris just got a membership there. Shannon and I are hoping to do some of the classes together - another fail-safe to force me into the gym. I usually enjoy working out for the first month or so, but then I start to get bummed about all the free time I've lost. Although, now it might be easier since all of our friends have babies/kids. When we lived above the bar a couple years ago, we constantly had people stopping by to invite us out with them. It's a hard decision when you don't have very many responsibilities: Bar vs Gym. I don't have that pressure anymore, so hopefully I'll be better about going.

Travis is the one who wanted to go in the first place. He loves working out. It is nuts to me that he doesn't mind going to the gym after 10 hours of hard labor in the hot, humid, Texas sun. Plus, there's softball once a week. When my brother was here, he went running with him a couple times and ran the 4 miles, or whatever it is, that my bro does every morning. No way could I just up and run 4 miles. Hell, I can't even jog for 10 minutes without getting a stitch in my side! I'm hoping that will change soon. Shannon and I are hoping to work our way up to the Spin Class. Here goes!

By the way, Travis apologized to me yesterday at lunch for being an ass about that book the night before. It's awesome that he noticed how it affected me. I guess he was just tired and wanted to relax/not think. Not sure why he didn't just SAY that, but whatev. =)

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