Monday, June 16, 2008

Good Ole San Antone

This past weekend Travis and I went to San Antonio with my dad and Alex. It was a bummer that Ariel couldn't go because she had to work. Travis and I visited San Antonio for the first time together last year for our first anniversary. My family had never been, but they thought it was beautiful. We left Friday morning and made it to our hotel by lunchtime. We stayed at El Tropicano (Holiday Inn). The place was awesome, but we just happened to be staying there the same weekend as the Ladies Patchwork Guild. Travis accused me of putting us in a hotel filled with old ladies on purpose. If only I could take the credit for that one.

Above the front desk

We did a lot throughout our three-day weekend, so I'm not going to go over everything in detail. We saw the Alamo, walked the Riverwalk, visited El Mercado and ate out A BUNCH. We were super disappointed in El Mercado. My dad expected to see chickens getting their head cut off, but there was no such thing. Just a lot of crap for sale, cheap. I did buy some jewelry. It was a deal! $8 for a bracelet and ring. Ha!

Walking the Riverwalk

We had the breakfast buffet at the hotel each morning, but went out for lunch and dinner. We went out for Mexican (50-min wait), Italian, BBQ and sang along with the piano man at Durty Nelly's Irish Pub. We pretty much spent the weekend overeating and over-drinking. It was awesome.

Alex at the Alamo
50-minute wait

Crazy hotel phones
Shops at La Villita

Oh ya, and a bird pooped on Travis. LOL!

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LOL! Now I see the poop!